Top 10 cool projects with Arduino/raspberry pi

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Arduino is an open-source framework that integrates software and. Hardware to allow people to pursue collaborative projects. I am glad to mention the top 10 fun Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects. Even if you have Arduino, but don’t know what to do about it. Many cool projects with Arduino/raspberry pi use by hobbyists and software engineers. Here I have listed some of Arduino’s best and. Most valuable project concepts gathered from top 10 cool projects with Arduino/raspberry pi and very fun to execute.

Top 10 cool projects with Arduino/raspberry pi

Controller for LEDs

Yeah, to decorating your room (or for any other situation, you also don’t have to pick costly LED products). Build an LED controller and also adapt it to whatever you want to.

Final packaging

code and source

lamp matrix with Hot Glue Sticks

As we speak of decorating LEDs, you can also create a lovely LED lamp. You want to make sure people have such a 3D printer for this reason. Then you need the substances LED strip or Arduino Nano R3.

Led Matrix Lamp


Super Chess Arduino

The main materials are a TFT LCD touchscreen and an Arduino Super 2560 board. You can also set up a nice case and make improvements if you have a 3D printer.

Automated Chess Piece Mover


Enough: Mute my TV

A proposal that is exciting. I wouldn’t complain about its effectiveness – but if any figures) are irritating on the TV. You should only silence your voices while they chat on TV. You can display the video above for an idea and attempt to replicate it or go to the connection for more detail.

Mute Your TV for the Duration of the Commercials - Instructables


Controller with a robot arm

You can have proper control over it. When you ask yourselves, it uses the Arduino UNO board. A robot arm can use to make the case for the 3D printer but you will also need it for a range of applications. To clean the carbohydrates using a robot arm, etc where you don’t want to intervene. Adeept 5-DOF Robot Arm 5Axis Robotic Arm Kit Compatible with  Arduino IDE | Programmable Robot DIY Coding Robot Kit | STEAM Robot Arm Kit  with OLED Display | Processing Code and


Use Arduino to make musical instruments

You also need a switch charging for the Pi supply and an Arduino UNO to do this. It’s a fun Arduino project where you tap and your hand waves are turning into music. It’s not hard to do that either, yet, you can make it a lot of fun.

Arduino as Waveform Synthesizer for Music - Arduino Project Hub


MuttMentor: Livestock trainer

A computer built on Arduino will enable you to train your pet – it sounds fun! They use Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense to build a small neural network. For all your animal’s typical behaviors when using TensorFlow.


The fundamental detector of Earthquake

Yet with Arduino boards, without relying most on authority, one can create a fundamental earthquake detector and achieve clear results.

Earthquake Detector Using Arduino Uno - Arduino Project Hub


MQ-2 Gas Track Smoke Detection

You can somehow afford a DIY solution. In nature, a simple cheap approach must achieve if they ever do not wish. That gets a complicated security device along with your smoke detector.

MQ-2 Gas Sensor Arduino. – Welcome to electromania!


Amazon Echo with Arduino Based Shield

You need a mobile so you can connect many Arduino shields to it. The original builder of this project created a DIY Amazon Echo utilizing 5 of these shields.

Arduino Based Amazon Alexa Controlled Home Automation


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